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NONTHEMATIC / Vol. 2, No. 3 (Fall 1935)

The purpose of this article is to inquire briefly whether this controversy [over public utilities] has been occasioned by single, if enormous, scandals and by the nervousness resultant from the depression, or whether there are deeper economic reasons for this conflict, which of themselves require consistently more and more public intervention - quite apart from current depression conditions - consequent upon their having pyramided over much their financial structures.

We shall concern ourselves in this article with an account of what has been the German experience in coping with this problem of providing long term credits for small business, with some fundamental problems of financing small enterprises and, finally, in what directions successful solutions may be sought.

An examination of women's employment trends in Germany and the United States, and the National Socialist Doctrine.

A analysis of federalism and business regulation in the United States, in comparison to Great Britain, Germany and France.

A discussion of problems in the theory of ethics.

A discussion of Max Weber and Karl Marx.

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