cultural trauma

Vol. 87, No. 3 (Fall 2020)
William Hirst, Guest Editor
Arien Mack, Editor

From the introduction: When the editor of this journal asked me the guest-edit an issue on cultural trauma neither she nor I anticipated that the world would be in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without doubt, pandemics can have long-term consequences. During the bubonic plague of 1349, Jews were scapegoated, accused of poisoning wells, and as a result, substantial portions of the Jewish populations in many German cities were killed ...

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in time of plague: the history and consequences of lethal epidemic disease


Apology: Its Role in Political and Social Life

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From the introduction: We are once again living in a time of plague—this one even more alarming than AIDS, since AIDS, frightening as it was, seemed restricted to what many people considered "the other," the "not us." This time around we are all vulnerable, although, as we have learned, it does not as a matter of fact affect us all equally. The majority of those dying from COVID-19 are not the well-to-do who have access to proper medical care and are able to practice social distancing because they have the income to do so ...

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