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NONTHEMATIC / Vol. 26, No. 2 (Summer 1959)

[reprinted in 51:1 50th Anniversary Issue]

Aquinas and Bacon obviously speak of two different things. In assigning different ends to knowledge, they speak in fact of different kinds of knowledge, having also different kinds of things for their subject.

Freedom of the mind, the right to think and to speak your thought so long as it does no harm to the rights and privileges of fellow citizens--this freedom is one of the central themes of this meeting. We have come together in the name of that mystic and hazardous thing called the American Dream.

There was an incident in 1781 that symbolized the beginning of a new age for government and law. The Revolutionary War had been going on since 1775, and the final battle was fought at Yorktown on the coast of Virginia during the month of October 1781.

The liberty of the mind, the right to think, to inquire, and to communicate without submission to any authority or any orthodoxy, has been a fitful and precarious possession throughout human history. In the year 1932 it had become clear that the great center of Europe scholarship, where academic freedom had won perhaps its most notable triumph, was being degraded to the pattern of a new servile state, its scholars dismissed and persecuted.

Until the second World War national income was conceived solely as net output, or the aggregate of factor shares, such as wages, salaries, interest, rent, and profits. This was still true in the pioneering studies of Meade-Stone and Gruenbaum on social accounting, both published in 1941.

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