August 3, 2017


China’s most famous activist, Nobel laureate, and Social Research author, Liu Xiaobo has died of liver cancer at age 61. His death, confirmed on July 13 by Chinese authorities in Shenyang province, comes two weeks after Chinese officials announce...

April 6, 2017


Save the dates for the upcoming events on the Center for Public Scholarship calendar:

April 7: Public Voices 11 – Their America Panel. 6-8pm 55 West 13th Street

April 20-21: Invisibility – The Power of an Idea Conference. Lo...

April 30, 2009

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

John Clegg
Endangered Scholars Worldwide

The article presents information on scholars who have been imprisoned for their political beliefs and actions. Political science professor Giles Ji Ungpakorn of Chulalongkorn University has been...

July 1, 1997

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

Richard Sennett
The New Capitalism

This article examines two propositions concerning the culture of a capitalist order of work and place in relation to the forms of polity in a political and global economy. The first proposition state...

July 1, 1994

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

G. M. Tamás

A Disquisition on Civil Society

The article discusses aspects of the civil society and its relation to tyranny, injustice and disorder. The idea of the state, traditionally associated with the notions of order and hierarchy,...

October 1, 1993

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

Jeffrey C. Goldfarb

Jean Bethke Elshtain

Politics Without Cliche

This article focuses on the use of clichés in politics. It draws from essays by Vaclav Havel. In a speech delivered by Havel in 1965 at a Union of Czechoslovak...

January 1, 1992

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

Arien Mack

Editor's Introduction

Jerzy Szacki

Polish Democracy: Dreams and Reality

Discusses the iconographic transformations that accompanied Poland's transition to democracy. Teleology of change; Utopia of civic society; Myth of unity;...

October 1, 1990

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

Jeffrey Goldfarb

Post-Totalitarian Politics: Ideology Ends Again

This article focuses on post-communism politics. In the 1960s in Poland and throughout Eastern Europe, the still-vibrant critical left attempted to formulate a revitalized...

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