April 1, 1991

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

Arien Mack

Editor’s Introduction

Presents an obituary for ethicist Hans Jonas.

Stanley Cavell

The Idea of Home: Introduction

Part of my particular interest in the topic of “Home: A Place in the World”—beyond sharing the sense of the fascin...

October 1, 1990

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

Jeffrey Goldfarb

Post-Totalitarian Politics: Ideology Ends Again

This article focuses on post-communism politics. In the 1960s in Poland and throughout Eastern Europe, the still-vibrant critical left attempted to formulate a revitalized...

April 1, 1985

Arien Mack, Editor 

Henri Zukier 

Freud and Development: The Developmental Dimensions of Psyhoanalytic Theory

A developmental perspective necessarily underlies any theory of personality which aspires to encompass the entire life span and the evolution of behavior through...

April 2, 1975

Arien Mack, Editor 

Table of Contents

Adolph Lowe

Hans Philipp Neisser

On September 3rd of this year Hans Neisser would have celebrated his eightieth birthday had he not succumbed on New Year's Day to a long illness. Thus came to an end the life and
work of another of the...

January 2, 1975

Arien Mack, Editor

Table of Contents

Michael Walzer

Civility and Civic Virtue in Contemporary America

Decline and fall is the most common historical perception, even among intellectuals. Here in the United States  it is frequently said that our citizens' commitment to the...

Table of Contents

Alfred Braunthal
American Labor in Politics

In recent years, the rise of the Political Action Committee of the Congress of Industrial Organizations was particularly conspicuous. To a broad sector of public opinion this organization appeared to be somet...

Table of Contents

Erich Hula
National Self-Determination Reconsidered

For all intents and purposes the present war is waged by the United Nations for the liberation of the peoples conquered by Germany and Japan. But national self-determination--in the sense in which it...

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. In Memoriam to Mr. Justice HolmesIt is daring to praise a man who was supreme in a field so wide as to reach the horizon of universalit

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