Abdul-Jalil Al-Singace

Bahrain: Dr. Abdul-Jalil Al-Singace, the head of the department of engineering at the University of Bahrain, was sentenced to life in Jau prison for allegedly "plotting to overthrow the government" during the Arab Spring protests of 2011. Dr. Al-Singace, who suffers from polio, has been repeatedly subject to torture and beating in prison. To protest ill treatment of him and others, Dr. Al-Silgace began hunger strikes from March 21, 2015 following a riot in the prison. According to his family, he has been denied proper medical attention since.

This March, owing to severe dehydration, Dr. Al-Silgace was rushed to a military hospital. On March 12, he was reportedly refused by prison authorities to attend a medical appointment because he refused to wear his uniform and handcuffs to the appointment.

Dr. Al-Singace is a prominent human rights activist, and was the spokesperson and director of the Human Rights Bureau of the Haq Movement for Civil Liberties and Democracy, an opposition political group in Bahrain. Following a trip to the UK, where he had given a speech about the human rights situation his country, he was detained on August 13, 2010. His detention included a 15 day period in an undisclosed location without access to legal counsel or family.

By the orders of the King of Bahrain, he was briefly released on February 23, 2011 until he was re-imprisoned again on March 17, 2011, without charge. On June 22, 2011, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.


Dr. Al-Singace was a Draper Hills Fellow at Stanford University's Center on Democracy in Development and the Rule of Law. He has long campaigned for political reform and an end to torture, writing on these and other subjects on his blog (in Arabic), Al-Faseela (The Date Sapling). 

We at Endangered Scholars Worldwide are strongly concerned about the well being of Dr. Al-Singace and call to his due medical attention. We call upon (his immediate release, and dropping of all charges against him.) We urge our readers to support his release by clicking on this direct letter of appeal (hyperlink to the letter) to the Bahraini Government.

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