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Susan Haack

Susan Haack is internationally known for her work in logic, epistemology, philosophy of science, and the law of evidence. Since finishing her most recent book, Defending Science—Within Reason: Between Scientism and Cynicism (2003), she has written a series of articles on scientific testimony in the courts.

Adam Haber

Adam Haber, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Stanford University, is engaged in sociological studies of cognition based on the theoretical foundations of the sociology of knowledge.

Gottfried Haberler

Gottfried Haberler (1900 - 1995) was an Economist and Professor who taught at Harvard University. He wrote Theory of International Trade (1936) and Prosperity and Depression (1937).

Adam Habib

Adam Habib is an executive director of the Human Sciences Research Council and a former Director of the Center for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal. He has published on democratic transitions, political economy, institutional transformation, higher education reform, and state-civil society relations. He was coeditor of Transformation and Politikon.

Andrew Hacker

Andrew Hacker is scheduled to receive his Ph.D. at Princeton in June of this year. At present he is a Social Science Research Council fellow at the University of Michigan, and since the war he has spent several years of study in Great Britain, at the University of St. Andrews and at Oxford.

B. A. Haddock

B. A. Haddock is Lecturer in Political Theory and Government at University College in Swansea, Wales.